Motivation & Learning Issues

Remove blocks to successful study

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Motivation Issues

Is motivation or focus an issue? The core study skills module is usually quite potent to assist motivation and help the student grow motivation. In each online session I assist to unlock the student’s potential through encouragement, focus and providing study techniques that are extremely effective.
This service is similar to a sports coach, it will assist the student at their game. The game in this case is learning and study. Tiger Woods, Roger Federer and Serena Williams (etc) all have amazing coaches that help them to focus, improve, motivate and refine.

Sometimes specific sessions are required to resolve unconscious blocks to memory, learning and motivation. As an internationally certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Trainer, Master Practitioner and counsellor for the past 18 years I am very skilled at working with these issues.
Students are often amazed at the changes and how easy it was.

Everyone is motivated to succeed at a deep level as it is connected to our innate survival instinct. Thus the desire to succeed and be motivated is hard wired into DNA. Add whole brain learning to the natural survival instinct makes a recipe for success.

Stubborn motivational issues and some learning problems can also be resolved. I will give my assessment as to what is required before working on the issue with the student. We will agree on what is desired as the integrated outcome. Then we will track progress as part of the feedback sessions in subsequent sessions. Depending on the circumstances causing the issue I will make recommendations on how to best support the shift to the naturally motivated state.

These sorts of change work sessions follow counselling protocol. The student’s process will be kept confidential in the same manner.

Some students simply need the assistance of a neutral third party to help them focus, get perspective and learn new skills. If this is the case then the core study skills module will give the desired outcome.
My extensive experience and skill set means I always work at multiple levels to assist change that is easy. Students will learn new ways, attitudes and internal processes that help them just through following what is shared in standard tutoring sessions.

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Learning problems

Often learning issues are well known by the parent and/or student. Sometimes student’s are diagnosed with clinical labels, and may even be medicated. Usually these are discussed as it will alter how I provide Student Success Tutoring. Sometimes when working one-on-one with students it becomes very clear that some learning difficulties or motivational issues are more than just not knowing how to learn. Often improvements can be made.

Labelling a student by parents, teachers or professionals can have a massive impact on a student. It sets up an unconscious block that impacts self-esteem, motivation and can impact their entire life. To move beyond labels and locked issues can be extremely transformational. I have witnessed students blossom when they released these internal blocks, be they true (as a clinical diagnosis) or not (an uninformed opinion by someone of authority).

This is where I excel and can assist with unlocking and shifting unconscious blocks to learning.
Over the years I have seen that some major learning problems arise because of things that have happened in life.
Students respond really well to specific cognitive behavioural techniques (NLP). It can clear the unconscious block in the mind so learning can occur properly. Feedback about significant shifts in student behaviour have been given back to me by teachers, principles and parents. Nothing beats making an improvement! Once the student experiences that they have the freedom to grow and do well.

This type of intervention will be discussed thoroughly with the caregiver and student first. If professionals are involved the care givers will be informed to tell them also at the next meeting.

Sessions involving motivation or learning issues

Where appropriate my NLP Trainer and counsellor skills will be used to resolve internal conflicts concerning education. Examples of these conflicts include motivation, concentration and limiting beliefs about one’s ability. These techniques are very effective in resolving these types of problems. Extreme care is taken to ensure the desired outcome is well defined before we work on it. No change process will be used without clear approval of the individual and parents. The process will be fully explained in advance before any techniques are used.

Correct follow through is very important and commitment is required for this speciality change work. As part of the feedback process you will be clearly informed.

My recommendation

My recommendation is to undertake the core study skill module. As part of this process many issues can be resolved in due course in those 8 sessions.
The specifics that I encounter as this takes place will inform me clearly as to what could be done and what support may be needed. Tap the below button and book in. We shall then discuss how to work together and make your student’s life brighter.

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Motivation & Learning Issues video transcript

Let’s talk about motivation issues or learning problems.
I’m Jason Hopkinson for student success tutor .com

What I know from my own research over three decades working, with students, working in schools and also monitoring myself of course is; Motivation is something that one (everybody) continually has to work for work with. What I have learned is when one uses processes that help one get towards the goal motivation improves. The best motivator of all is actually making progress! So this is what the service does.

The actual built in core modules at the start of the Student Success tutoring process [first 8 sessions] helps the student understand: How they work, when is a good time to study, how to learn and how to into the Learning State which is key. The Learning State which is something that is very rarely mentioned and all those videos out there, that have had more a MILLION views on YouTube regarding study NEVER mention the Learning State :O
That’s where your whole brain is activated. When you’re in that place you are actually relaxed. When you go into exams and you enter the Learning State you actually go back into being relaxed and you can function optimally. This in itself transforms motivation.

When you know how to do these things (I tutor) that are in the core modules motivation improves. Motivation to make the most of class time is maximized so there’s less studying later. Then it’s just a matter of remembering and recalling. There are specific exercises I’ve designed and used myself to get photographic memory that I share with the students. These things naturally nurture motivation. They (the students) get the study done. That helps them improve and as they improve their builds the motivation.
Motivation is one of these things that spirals. Spirals up πŸ™‚ or it spirals down πŸ™ Let’s get them going UP! There may be specific other reasons why there are motivation problems.

If we want to go do [change] work in that area then I am qualified under the NLP processes to do these sorts of things. I’ve done this for decades. For that sort of process I will discuss with you first. It would be a different for the session [over normal tutoring] and we’ll do some work with the student. In terms of the standard student success tutor process we do the core modules then we go on to monitoring, tuning and maybe doing some other things along the way to really take their skillsets, their motivation, their drive further.

The monitoring process with student success tutor is after we’ve done the core study skills module is the feedback cycle through to the end of the year. If that’s how long you want to keep going for. By then they should have all of the stuff well and truly mastered so they can actually take on life not just the rest of their studies.

This is the aim of Student Success Tutor there’s not just to help students have great memory and do well at school but also motivated for life and have the keys to success. So as the future unfolds with all of this artificial intelligence (AI) and the changing society that we live in they can handle it. They know how to approach it, know how to tackle something new because they’ve learned those processes that are shown within this tutoring service to monitor, change and make things work for themselves.

It truly is a gift of a lifetime to be given the service. That’s why I’m here because it will make a difference. Make contact or fill out the booking form and we’ll be in touch. I’m Jason the student success tutor

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