Eckhart Tolle’s Power of Now

Do you want to live in that same place that Eckhart Tolle does? Where Presence never actually leaves you even when things are happening in your life that is quite crappy, painful, and fearful. All those sorts of situations? If so Tap/click the picture to the video or read below.

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Getting clear on Eckhart Tolle’s Teaching


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A life in Awakened Presence

Can you imagine how different life would be after a decade of non stop Presence? I entered the Abiding place where Presence has never left me for over a decade ago now. In that time it has deepened significantly. I’ve learned, observed and come to an understanding about things that make this journey work. However, just as important to learn and know are the habits, spiritual myths, incorrect teachings and things that stop people from progressing -it could be a lot easier and faster. There are many distractions that can literally take decades to navigate and awaken beyond.

When you’re clear on what Presence is and what is you have to do to activate that habit, to activate that consciousness -the trip home, to properly Awaken, is actually pretty fast. I did it in five years, from first hearing about Eckhart Tolle in late 2002 to  the end of 2007 when I became permanently Awake. I didn’t know that at the time, it just seemed like a good cycle [Video + page on cycles coming soon] of practice. I started doing what I thought was practice. While it was novice, incorrect and all in the mind, the # 1 mind trap [Video + page will be here in 3 days] , I started that all important habit of being consistent in my efforts. Have you met or read people in the facebook groups who use their mind as a weapon? In this video I answer that challenging question of ‘Who Am I’ and who is the chooser, who is the owner [Pain body trap video + page will be here soon]. While these are great questions, these things can be defined with clarity. It is about your relationship to Presence, not the thinking mind, or what a teacher said, as the mind makes a mess of this and keeps you lost in NON-Presence.

Learning to practice properly is critical. When you know how to practice correctly, the trip home is actually quite smooth and fast. That’s why on this website I say 2 to 4 years to a fairly advanced degree of Awakening. It’s not completely permanent at that point but it’s most of the way there and you’ve done the hard ‘yakka’, the hard work. The pain body  will be dispatched within 18 months or so [Pain body trap video + page will be here by Sunday 8 April] . After that it’s just a matter of those Laws of Grace, just keep on there and kicking on with practice and it will happen one day- it just won’t leave. One day your Presence practice just simply doesn’t work. Why is that? Because you’re already here as Presence!

As you go through the journey of learning and stabilising in Presence, there are the seasons, the # cycles, there are good days and there are bad days. There are certain things that really only happen on the Awakening process, that can’t be described until you’re right there in that pothole. That’s where I come in really handy, as well having been through all that I know and I can help you through it. These things are fairly obvious to me when I’m working with people and where these blockages are. So if you’re keen, make contact even pick up the phone and we’ll have a chat and see if this suits you.

To come home to Presence, to be free from your mind, is the most amazing thing you will ever do in this life. It is entirely possible there’s only one real question and that is ” how keen are you?” or as Sri Nisagadatta Maharaj said “how earnest are you? ”. To work through the layers and the blocks and the habit of NOT being Present will bring you home. This is discussed by the lakeside where I talk about the motivation to practice and Awaken [video + page will be here by Sunday 8 April]

Then you can stabilize there and get into that place of abiding Stillness. Abiding Presence is a very different journey and it’s actually quite a shock. Thankfully, you have found Eckhart Tolle because you lay the building blocks, so when you do land in that place of Abiding Presence, you actually don’t become dysfunctional like he did and run out of money (etc). To have to borrow money from friends so you can feed yourself is not functional. You will be stable, you will be able to hold your normal job. Yes, a normal job in ‘ego land’ as the Tolle peeps say in the facebook groups. You will be able to relate to people that don’t know who Eckhart Tolle is. As long as you are connected to your Presence, it is all fine, that helps them. It’s an integrated way to do it and when you’ve got someone that’s been there and lived there permanently for over a decade. You can also come home fast, as there are potholes to progress, you won’t even get close to.

Also what makes this trip faster for you, is you can bounce ideas off me and clear out the clutter that has nothing to do with Presence. If you want to come home fast and your focus is primary, it is quite smooth. Then if you’re doing other things like spiritual activities and other sorts of non-Presence activities that are related to spirituality, if your Presence is primary like I show in the other videos, it can be integrated and used. At the lake I discuss these 3 main paths and how they can either assist or hinder your homecoming to Presence [Video + page will be here soon]

Also the mind, what is the mind? What is its role? The ego what is an ego what is its role? I explain that here in reference to those who follow Tolle but get lost in their mind [#Link will be here when up]   When you understand these processes and you integrate that into your habit of being in Presence then your Presence will stabilize and you will actually learn to understand this as reality not from thoughts, not from what other people have told you, but from your own concrete experience.

Presence is measurable! Let’s be clear about this and that’s why I talk about the Laws of Grace. You can measure your Presence. One of my favourite sayings at the moment is “what happens when you stub your toe and you crack your nail and it starts to bleed?” I know from experience that my first reaction is to enter Presence then as the pain rips through my body, yes, I will probably yell out a swear word. It’s been human, you don’t stop being a human. There is no ideal perfection to be like Jesus, Eckhart or Sai Baba.

We need to enter the Presence process and it stabilizes and then it becomes the core part of your life. You still have good days, you still have bad days but you have the peace of Presence there to be resourceful and this is what’s great about it. It’s always there with you, just are you aware of it? When it stabilizes, life changes and becomes much more enjoyable, definitely more relaxed, but your Stillness can be there with you through everything. When you’ve just had a major thing like a bad accident or invasive surgery, it is there. When you have just been violated by some person, like they stole your car or they’ve even physically assaulted you, your Presence is your base of consciousness. An example I had in 2016 was I fell off my bike and banged myself up pretty badly. My instant reaction was to be Present in the stillness as my body went into physical shock. I was able to stay calm and carefully check myself and fix my broken bike enough to get home. You still can live in that place of Presence that’s how measurable it is.

One of the great keys is to notice when are you not Present? Are you noticing that? This is the journey as your awareness tunes in, you get better at it and better at it. My job as a guide is to help people get to this place and make your trip a lot faster.

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It is time to come home to the Presence that you are!