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Hi I’m Jason Hopkinson, my passion is to instill a love of learning in students through motivation, cutting edge study skills and their personal desire to succeed.

30 years of using and developing new learning & developmental techniques.
Personally tried & tested in graduate and post grad University studies.
Implemented in schools and tutoring, whilst working with world class mentors & authors.

The natural passion & joy of learning makes even boring subjects enjoyable. Learn the art of learning and self-motivation to get what you want.

Videos on each page cover the contents. This website is designed for reading, minimal scrolling and those serious about improvement. Parents please see the video on the Parent page for a full description on video.

Cutting Edge Learning & Study Skills

Advanced whole brain learning & study skills are easy to learn. This one-on-one online tutoring service teaches students these enhanced learning skills. Expert tutoring provides extra guidance and accountability so the techniques become a part of the study routine.

A noted improvement can be achieved with application of the techniques within a very short time frame:
Applies to all subjects.
Effective learning and study habits are formed.
Time is used efficiently & effectively.
Develops strong memory and recall.
Decreases stress and increases confidence.
Commitment, application and drive to do well increases as these make study a positive experience.

One-on-One online world-wide after school tutoring.

Achievable in 8 sessions!

Yes just 8 sessions to transform most students into being motivated and happy with their grades improving. This outcome is typical for the students I coach:
8 sessions helps form new habits.
8 sessions of feedback to individually tailor and master techniques.
8 weeks of delving into motivation and things that get in the way.
Doubts are ironed out, stress is reduced and the base for learning and study success is laid.

8 sessions gives the time for a student to see their motivation cycles, issues, and deeper drive. It gives the process of change and new empowered learning to take hold.
It gives the time required to implement these new and easier ways to be embedded in the learning process. Just like learning to drive a car, it takes practice before driving on the highway at peak hour and be confident as a driver.
Typically student motivation, attitude and outlook is positive after this core skill set is used and they know what to do and are happy to do it as these habits are now formed!

Tutoring can continue after this if desired to ensure ongoing improvement and support. External accountability by and external coach ensures ongoing improvement.
Shorter courses can be arranged to suit specific needs and outcomes, please contact and we will discuss options that suit.

10-15% Grade jump

This is achievable!
Student Success Tutoring will provide the student with skills to become competent with using potent learning techniques. Habits are formed to ensure future academic and life success. Grade jumps of 10-15% can be easily achieved when the new skills are applied.
As a student I experienced a jump of 15% in my grades. This opened opportunities for me, especially in my postgraduate studies and securing job offers.
After completion of the 8 session core study skills module an idea of what is possible for the rest of the academic year can be attained.

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Learning & study techniques to upgrade long term habits

The core study skills module provides the student with the tools to achieve major improvements in all areas of their studies. As this service is one-on-one it is tailored to suit each individual student and their learning style. Enhanced application eases and revives the joy of learning to blossom.

After the core study skills are covered the tutoring focus shifts to fine tuning and enhancement of motivation, execution, life balance and attitude. This phase is where tutoring ensures long term habits are formed to deepen the skill sets to a behavioural level. This will improve their outlook on life, independence and future success.

Brain friendly learning

For 28 years I have researched and pushed the envelope of learning and development. Read more about Jason here. Student Success Tutor basic modules are still at the cutting edge of learning technologies 25 years later! My recent review of YouTube and TED talks that have over 1million views left me astonished at how the basics of brain-friendly learning are not mentioned.

Learn the secrets of the learning state that uses the whole brain for learning, ease of focus and mastery of the study success habits. All Student Success Tutoring techniques are based on effectiveness as it relates to the whole brain and human psychology. When these techniques are applied learning and retention is maximised. Furthermore as these skills work with all the neurology and psychology it means all human systems align so, self-esteem, confidence, happiness and behaviours improve. This creates a life cycle of success which also applies to new life challenges, such as assignments, courses, employment or projects. These are now met with an attitude of positivity and a set of logical and creative skills to accomplish the task.

Sadly, education systems are still predominantly left brain driven (logical and rote learning). These half brain learning techniques are not effective because whole-brain learning is required to achieve good grades in a left brain dominated education system. The creative side of the brain, the right side, needs to be involved in left brain subjects to be integrated and remembered.

The Artificial Intelligence revolution will make career shifts more common and regular. All industries will be impacted, transformed or made human free. The skilled learner with the right skills will handle these shifts with much greater ease. Students these days need to be taught to be future proof. This is more than just knowledge from books, it’s a skill set of motivational tools and a capacity to be creative that will make a person successful in jobs or self employment in the future. Current educations system do not develop these abilities and skills.

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Who is this for

Student Success Tutoring will help anybody who is learning and wants to improve their memory and study skills. These techniques can be applied to any subject, especially subjects that have exams. High school students, 13-18 years old can benefit the most as it will help their grades for further education and lay the base for adult learning in tertiary education. In High School (Secondary school) the increase in homework and work load means anything that makes study easier and faster is likely to be taken on as a habit. This will help key concerns such as exam stress and achievement anxiety in this ever competitive world.

I developed these techniques when studying at University, so they apply to complex tertiary studies, postgraduate study and research.
I used these techniques when in a PhD program. It helped me synthesise information and propose a theoretical extension to extend Carl Jung’s model of Individuation. This demonstrates that the core study skills are also great for synthesis of complex subject matter and creativity. The core study skills work with the whole neurology, not just logic, therefore they assist the whole human system where all the skill sets are enhanced. These skills can take education beyond rote learning (learning by repetition) to a level of understanding and integration.

These skills can also be applied to hobbies and life situations in general (see my Facebook page Learning State videos where I train wild animals). These skills would be useful in brain damage recovery as they are designed to activate the neurology. Laws of neuroplasticity apply when whole brain techniques are used. The brain has a capacity to re-activate, activate to new levels and even regenerate from physical damage.

For students aged 6 to 12: I have a modified skill set module called Keeping the Learning Spark alive. This involves memory, recall and Learning State exercises that parents also help with. Please make contact to discuss this. This module is about 4 sessions and is a mix of parent only and parent with child sessions. You work with your child to help them keep that magical open learning spark alive! It’s a special time in these years, and developmentally the brain is different at this stage, it is already a mega learning machine.

Motivation a Speciality

Motivation and drive for life is natural. If study motivation is lacking then something is wrong. Motivation generally shifts with the 8 session core study skills module. Here is why:
1: I am an expert at motivating students at their level. The influence of an external one-on-one coach is a big boost for the student to do something different.
2: The core study skills are so naturally powerful the benefits are obvious as they are time efficient, easy and relaxing to do. The biggest motivator is it feels great to know you are doing better!

During the 8 core skill sessions I will get a clear idea if further specialised work is required. The outcomes will be discussed with the student and parent.

More on Motivation issues

Learning Issues

Specific assistance and tailored practices can be used to assist learning issues. As with student motivation, I have seen significant shifts by students with the 8 session core study skills module. Both motivation and learning issues arise from a cause, as both are natural human functions (an aspect of the survival instinct). Depending on what this is it can be addressed directly or indirectly.

My methodology for working with anyone is to asses their potential, find potential blocks to what should be natural and try different approaches to solve them.  My extensive 28 years of research into human development, learning and leadership means I have many unique ways of dealing with these issues. I will share my insights with the student for them to try out as part of the feedback / homework process. Parents will be informed, as part of the standard parental feedback that is part of this service, how they can support the shift in the student’s behaviour or learning issue.
Please call me or book a call back on this link.

World Wide online service

Student Success Tutor is an online global service. Times are offered that suit you for after school / work. Please make contact via the buttons below and we can discuss your questions and what outcomes you want as a parent or student. You are welcome to pick up the phone and call me, Jason.

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My world class Referees & Mentors

The below three referees are also role models and mentors in their fields. It has been a great gift to work with and be supervised by these people. This Student Success Tutoring service is to pass on this gift of a lifetime to others.

” I had the pleasure of working with Jason Hopkinson, teaching study skills to students in the school where I was Head of Counselling. Jason had developed a personal approach to mindmapping and associated skills which he passed on with enthusiasm and effectiveness. I am happy to endorse Jason’s new systems to train today’s youth in those essential skills which are vital to enable life-long learning. Although we use digital systems for so much now, all learners need to understand and use their brain’s unique storage system, which does not work digitally. Successful study has always required activation of body, mind, and spirit (head/hands/heart). Jason Hopkinson knows about these connections and will use them, I’m sure, as an essential foundation for his study skills training.”

Christine Ward
Founder of Brainfriendly Teaching and Learning, co-author of ‘Learning to Learn’, (100,000 physical books sold, self published) author of ‘Study for Success’, ‘Teaching to Learn’, ‘The Parent’s Homework Handbook’.

“I have trained and supervised Jason. He is committed to his clients and to the process of supervision, systematically reviewing and learning from each client case. He has rapidly integrated the core helping qualities and therapeutic techniques into his way of being with those he assists.
Jason prepares extremely thoroughly for each session, and operates with a clear understanding of the ethical guidelines underlying counselling.”

His “Genius” programme is an inspired application of the latest accelerated learning techniques. He is a thorough, encouraging and personally respectful guide for those who are ready to reach more of their potential and discover skills they didn’t realise they had.

“Jason has considerable training in the field of interpersonal skills, motivation, counselling and negotiation. He is a supportive and inspiring group leader, committed to the success of the people he works with. He takes the time to check others concerns, is respectfully assertive, and knows how to develop win-win solutions in a practical setting. Jason is one of those people who gives complete attention and energy to the project he is involved with. He’ll be up front, vitally involved in your organisation, and willing to go that extra kilometer for the success of a task. Jason would be a valuable resource in any organisation where team development, negotiation, and management skills are at a premium.”

Richard Bolstad, PhD. World Leading NLP Trainer
Fellow Member Trainer of NLP (IANLP), Transformations International Consulting & Training Ltd, Author of 10 NLP books in over 8 languages

“In 18 years of supervising and mentoring Jason I can say categorically he operates from integrity and congruency.
Miriama Supervisor of AwakenedEssenceHe examines any topic beyond completion to mastery. His insights and depth of inner peace make him a trailblazer for others to learn from, and enhance their life.
Jason’s wisdom has been earned through life’s tough lessons. He is a role model and guide of what possible for us all.” Miriama Watson

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Individual online tutoring is limited to 20 students total worldwide.
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What Parents and Students say

“I’m finding it a great help as it’s improving my educational skills. My mind is more active, and I have greater ability to control it. I’m more motivated too.” Andrew Cooke, Student

“Jason has been working with our two teenage children. The techniques he uses has opened their minds to find their potential. They have a stronger belief in themselves that they can accomplish the results they want. A winning attitude. A winning tutor.
Malcom & Bernadette McArdle, Parents of two students

“Jason relates to students at their level.
Marie Kyle, Parent of two students